Lessons Learned

Outcome of project goals:

Comfort much improved; energy performance significantly improved, albeit not dramatically. Considering the addition of floor area and not doing anything to the upstairs, we're very happy with the outcomes reflected here. We haven't yet collected energy data from the recent addition of insulation in the 1st floor attic or improvements to infiltration, expect to see more reductions from that work. Working with an existing older home that has been remodeled in stages poses significant challenges. Things I've learned in the 10 years since the bulk of the work was done would change my approach somewhat if I were to tackle the project today. For example, I would work harder on airtightness (if not going crazy with it), and I would pay more attention to window U and SHGC.


We didn't base the work on modeling, just on what we knew needed to be done. No predictions were made.