Walls and Roof

2nd floor roof: 2x10 @ 16" o.c., fiberglass batt insulation; composition shingles
2nd floor walls: 2x4 @ 16" o.c., fiberglass batt insulation
1st floor roof: attic, R-40 loose-fill wool insulation; ~60% standing-seam steel roofing, ~40% living roof over 5-ply built-up roofing
1st floor walls: ~90% 2x4 @ 16" o.c., rigid polyiso in cavities (~R-21); ~10% 2x4 @ 16" o.c., fiberglass batts

Foundation wall assembly

poured-in place concrete

Windows and Doors

Window Assembly:

Mostly Pozzi/Jeld-Wen wood (upstairs) and wood clad (downstairs) double-hung, double-paned.

Door Assembly:

3 sets of double-paned patio doors, hinged; 2 sets wood, 1 set wood clad. 1 old single-paned half-glazed door, 1 new top-light wood entry door. Steel insulated door from house to garage.

Mechanical Systems

Space heating - Manufacturer & Model Munchkin
Domestic hot water - Manufacturer & Model Munchkin
Ventilation - Manufacturer & Model Panasonic
Lighting Manufacturer and Model
Lighting Efficiency
Mechanical Equipment Installation Details and Comments

Only spot-exhaust ventilation in baths


Air Changes per hour, ACH50 8.20 ACH50
Air Changes per hour, CFM50