General Finances

PV cost including installation and roof reinforcement $42,594
Total cost without incentives including PV and site prep $408,874
Total incentives $61,215
Owner Cost $347,659
Conditioned Floor Area 2706 sf
Owner Cost / Floor area $128.5/sf

Total Cost of Project $347,659
Construction hard cost $347,659
Gross Cost of Renewable Energy System $42,594
Cost per sq ft of conditioned space $128.50
Value of Tax Credits for renewable energy systems $13,778
Net Cost of renewable energy systems $28,816

Rebates and Financial Incentives

Federal incentives

$12778.00 Federal Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit for PV System
$500.00 Federal Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit for Energy Efficient Windows

State incentives

$1000.00 from MA for PV system

Utility incentives

$1000.00 from National Grid for Heat Pump Water Heater
$45937.00 from National Grid for DER Incentive Payments