General Energy Use, Strategies and Systems

Energy Use:

House is 100% Electric

Zero Net Energy Definition Used

Monthly Energy Data and Utilities

Electric Utility:
Gas Utility:
None - House is 100% Electric
Other purchased Fuels:

None - House is 100% Electric

Renewables and Energy Balance

Renewable Energy Sources:
Renewable energy is generated within the building footprint (e.g. solar PV on the roof)
Renewable Energy System Description & Details
Annual renewable energy generated 5,144 kWh
Annual Renewable Energy Generated Data Type
Renewable Energy System Type(s) Source of Annual Production Data

Annual Energy Import/Export

Electricity amount (imported from grid) 4,641 kWh/year
Net electricity usage (purchased electricity) -503 kWh/year
Electricity amount (credited or exported to grid) 5,144 kWh/year