Walls and Roof

Double Stud connected by gussets, parallel chord trusses, vented cathedral ceiling

Slab edge R-value 20.0
Foundation wall assembly

2" exterior 4" interior 6" XPS

Foundation wall R-value 30.0
Above grade wall assembly

double stud connected by gussets 24" O.C. mixture of platform and balloon framing, 12.5" dense pack cellulose

Above grade wall R-value 46.0
Cathedral ceiling assembly

26" Cellulose North, 21" Cellulose South

Cathedral ceiling R-value 86.0
Roof Assembly

Parallel chord trusses, vented cathedral ceiling, 24" O.C., Southern pitch 45 degrees, northern pitch 35 degrees

Roof R-value 86.0

Windows and Doors

Window Assembly:

Mix of Andersen, Marvin, Marvin integrity and Serious. All double pane except Serious, mostly double hung

Door Assembly:

Thermatru fiberglass XPS core, and simpson solid wood

Average window U-factor 0.25
Door U-Factor 0.25
Door Area 34 sq ft

Mechanical Systems

Space cooling - Manufacturer & Model Mitsubishi
Space heating - Manufacturer & Model Mitsubishi
Domestic hot water - Manufacturer & Model 2 Panel Drainback Solar Hot Water System
Domestic hot water - capacity 80 gal
Ventilation - Manufacturer & Model Venmar
Lighting Manufacturer and Model
Lighting Efficiency


Air Changes per hour, ACH50 0.54 ACH50
Air Changes per hour, CFM50