General Energy Use, Strategies and Systems

Energy Use:

For passive house requirements the building energy requirements for space heating and cooling, dehumidification, hot water generation and household electric demands including lighting are met at 37.8 kBTU/(ft2/year) or a yearly primary energy demand of 24,568 kWh (as per PHPP model). No on site renewable energy production is planned and due to recent building completion no actual energy use data is available at this time.

Zero Net Energy Definition Used

Monthly Energy Data and Utilities

Energy Data Type:
Modeled, Zero Energy Program
Other purchased Fuels:


Datasets and utility bills:
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Datasets and utility bills sources and reliability:

Due to recent completion of the project no utility bills under typical use are available at this moment.


Cogeneration System Description:


Renewable Energy System Description & Details
Annual Renewable Energy Generated Data Type
Renewable Energy System Type(s) Source of Annual Production Data

Storage and Installed Capacity

Energy Storage type


Energy Storage Capacity