Walls and Roof

Subslab assembly

6" XPS insulation under concrete slab and 2" rockwool board above slab.

Subslab R-value 38.0
Slab edge assembly

9" XPS insulation outbound of concrete foundation wall

Slab edge R-value 60.0
Foundation wall assembly

9" XPS insulation outbound of concrete foundation wall

Foundation wall R-value 60.0
Above grade wall assembly

Double wood frame wall with 2x6 interior structural wall with blown in cellulose in cavities, and a second layer (staggered framing) of 9 1/2" TJI framing also filled with cellulose insulation. Exterior corten steel rainscreen over sheathing over weather barrier.

Above grade wall R-value 53.0
Flat attic assembly

extensive green rood assembly
filter and drainage layers
9" XPS insulation
TJI roof structure with blown in cellulose in cavities
interior finish (varies)

Roof R-value 90.0

Windows and Doors

Window Assembly:

Bieber Fineline Aluminum clad wood windows for passive house

Door Assembly:

All exterior doors glazed french doors:
Bieber Fineline Aluminum clad wood doors fir passive house

Average window U-factor 0.15
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.50
Visible Light Transmittance 0.72
Door U-Factor 0.16
Door Area 164 sq ft

Mechanical Systems

Space cooling - Manufacturer & Model Carrier Infinity 25 VNA 2 Ton Unit Series 36-30 with Variable Speed Fan Coil Unit Model: FE4A (bedrooms), Carrier Infinity 25 VNA 3 Ton Unit Series 24-30 with Variable Speed Fan Coil Unit Model: FE4A (common spaces)
Space cooling - capacity 7 kW, 10 kW
Space heating - Manufacturer & Model Combined space heating and domestic hot water heating, Alpine #ALP150B, 136,000 BTU Output Condensing Boiler, Gas fired hydronic distribution,, Hot Water Tank for combined heat storage, HTP SSU-119, 119 Gal,
Space heating - capacity 40 kW
Domestic hot water - Manufacturer & Model Combined space heating and domestic hot water heating, Alpine #ALP150B, 136,000 BTU Output Condensing Boiler, Gas fired hydronic distribution,
Domestic hot water - capacity 119 gal
Domestic hot water - efficiency 95 kW
Ventilation - Manufacturer & Model Zehnder ComfoAir 200 (2x), 118 cfm, 95% heat recovery, 143 Watt (max)
Lighting Manufacturer and Model
Lighting Efficiency
Mechanical Equipment Installation Details and Comments

HVAC Equipment & Controls

Three HRV air exchange and cooling air ducts run in separate duct lines but are supplied to the spaces in a combined manifold. Balancing the airflow and conditioning supply is easy, while avoiding grill clutter in the rooms. The return air is exhausted from the bathrooms, the laundry room, and kitchen and returned to the HRV. All exhaust air is passed by the HRV where the incoming air is filtered and preconditioned. The dryers are non-vented heat pump dryers and therefore reduce the amount of moisture added to the interior to a minimum.
The low amount of space heating necessary is achieved through two 2-ton heat pumps.
Additional heating and cooling is supplied via a separate duct system connected to air handlers for the different zones terminating in the same manifolds as the fresh air supply. All equipment and distribution ducts are located in the conditioned crawlspace beneath the main spaces making them easily accessible for regular maintenance (e.g. filter replacement).

Energy Management Practice

With a focus on user friendliness for the frequently changing inhabitants of the artists’ residence, space conditioning is simple as possible while maintaining a high level of efficiency. The base level air exchange provides a healthy and comfortable air supply and maintains a stable temperature day and night. All bedrooms and common spaces have thermostats where individual space conditioning requirements can be easily programmed.
When the building is not occupied the ventilation system is switched to a low standby mode that provides a minimum air exchange and space conditioning. The gas boiler kicks in when electric heat pump efficiency drops below an efficiency threshold and supplies heat via the hydronic reheat coils in the air conditioning system.

Lighting: Indoor and Outdoor Lighting, Controls

Plenty of daylight is provided through large windows in the entry and common areas, a generous clerestory window over the main hallway continues the natural light distribution to the private quarters where even interior bathrooms receive natural light through translucent glass panels from the bedroom. All artificial lighting is supplied by high efficient LED or fluorescent lamps to maintain the overall primary energy consumption within the range of 38.0 kBTU/(ft2yr) for all energy used, including domestic appliance and lighting loads as prescribed by the Passive House standard.
Outdoor lighting is minimal and downward oriented to avoid night sky light pollution.


Air Changes per hour, ACH50 0.34 ACH50
Air Changes per hour, CFM50 407.00