Except for three weekends, the house was occupied by at least one person. Since June of 2011 it has been inhabited by me, my wife and my 16 year old son. My college daughter was also home for several weeks. Deducting time for vacations, the total number of person days was 1005.


Type of Construction New
Number of buildings 1
Floor area of each building 1,998
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 1.5
Conditioned Floor Area 1,998 sq ft

Location and Climate Details

single-family residence

149 Ellis Street
Westwood, MA 02090
United States
Location Type Suburaban
Climate Region Zone 5
Köppen Climate Type Dfb
Lat. / Long. POINT (-71.217073 42.2137839)
Elevation 226 ft
Solar Insolation 3.82 kWh/m2/day
Annual CDD and Base Temp 710 | 65 F
Annual HDD and Base Temp 6428 | 65 F

Materials and Design Strategy

Special architectural measures:

True south orientation
Garage on NW corner
Vestibule entry
Large unobstructed 14-12 pitch south facing roof
Living space on south side for natural lighting and passive gain – can be closed off with pocket doors
Internal windows for natural light and air circulation to upstairs bath and master bedroom
No fossil fuels burned on site – except propane barbeque grill
Outside wall penetrations minimized – no furnace or boiler vent, no chimney, kitchen fan vent eliminated by using recirculating type, clothes dryer located outside heated envelope, air to air heat exchanger vents are two in one design – only one hole required for each
1800 sq.ft. of living space, not counting basement
Three bedroom, one and a half bath