General Finances

The financing plan includes the award of a 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) allocation of $6,440,773 and approximately $2,000,000 in state capital subsidy (AHT, HOME and HIF). Additionally, a $470,000 CPA award has already been granted to the project.

Total Cost of Project $10,000,000
Construction hard cost $7,000,000
Gross Cost of Renewable Energy System $511,902
Cost per sq ft of conditioned space $334.00
Value of Tax Credits for renewable energy systems $153,570
Net Cost of renewable energy systems $358,331

Savings and Revenue

Annual Electric Savings $30,000
Annual Revenue from SRECs or other RE credits $25,000

Rebates and Financial Incentives

Utility incentives

Massachusetts Residential New Construction Program: $28,000