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Past Members Monthly Newsletters


February Members Monthly: Last Chance for Award Nominations, Serve on Committees

January Members Monthly: Wine & Cookies, Register for BuildingEnergy Boston


December Members Monthly: NYC Wine & Cookies, Final Pro Tours of 2019

November Members Monthly: Board Elections, We've Moved!

October Members Monthly: Propose a Pro Tour, New Member Benefit

September Members Monthly: Scholarships Available, Upcoming Pro Tours

August Members Monthly: NESEA Annual Meeting, Register for NYC

July Members Monthly: Propose a Session & Meet the Vice-Chairs for BuildingEnergy Boston

June Members Monthly: Boston Planning Meeting, Leadership Announcement

May Members Monthly: Keynote Video Available, Upcoming Pro Tours

April Members Monthly: We're Hiring, Submit Proposals for BuildingEnergy Magazine & NYC

March Members Monthly: Pro Tour Launch Party, Boston Program

February Members Monthly: Boston Keynote Session, NESEA Archives

January Members Monthly: New Member Benefit, Register for BuildingEnergy Boston


December Members Monthly: Year 2 of NESEA's Capacity Campaign, Jobs Board

November Members Monthly: Last Chance to Vote for NESEA's Board and Submit a Pro Tour

October Members Monthly: Propose a Pro Tour, Apply to Bottom Lines

September Members Monthly: Community Happy Hour, NESEA Annual Meeting

August Members Monthly: Register for BuildingEnergy NYC, New Membership Level

July Members Monthly: BuildingEnergy Boston RFP, Exciting Opportunities for Lifetime Membership

June Members Monthly: View Conference Session Recordings, Upcoming Pro Tours

May Members Monthly: BE Boston Open Planning Meeting, BE Magazine RFP

April Members Monthly: Submit a Proposal for BuildingEnergy NYC, Upcoming Pro Tours

March Members Monthly: First Pro Tour of 2018, NESEA Award Recipients

February Members Monthly: Pro Tour Launch Party at BuildingEnergy Boston, Resume Bank

January Members Monthly: Register for BuildingEnergy Boston, New Member Benefit


December Members Monthly: NESEA's Capacity Campaign, Get Ready for BuildingEnergy Boston

November Members Monthly: NESEA Board Elections, New Member Benefit

October Members Monthly: Submit a Pro Tour Proposal, View the Fall 2017 Issue of BuildingEnergy Magazine

September Members Monthly: Submit a Proposal for BE Boston, View NESEA's Annual Report

August Members Monthly: BE NYC Registration Open, Annual Meeting, Upcoming Pro Tours

July Members Monthly: Exciting Changes to BE Boston, New Membership Level, Upcoming Pro Tours

June Members Monthly: Upcoming Pro Tours, New Dates for BE Boston RFP

May Members Monthly: Valley Gives, BE NYC Content Committee Meeting

April Members Monthly: Call for Magazine Articles, BuildingEnergy NYC RFP

March Members Monthly: NESEA's New Strategic Plan, 2017 Pro Tour Series Announced

February Members Monthly: Featured Jobs, New Edition of BuildingEnergy Magazine Available

January Members Monthly: BuildingEnergy Boston Early Bird, Changes to

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